Creating the IMMORTAL

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

This gentleman, who has an online furniture store, asked me to create his IMMORTAL art (original logo brand) to add an extra dimension to his advertising. Since we live in the same area we met over coffee, and he described to me what he wanted - i.e. -some of his most popular furniture, his picture framing business, and his little dog as well. Her wanted it all to be very lighthearted and charming, since it would be on his business card, his website, and email signature. When I was sure I'd gotten his idea properly I took several photos of him with my digital camera. I went back to my studio and downloaded the photos to my computer desktop. Working from the pic I thought most typical of his personality and expression I created a black & white sketch of the whole idea using a digital painterly program, and emailed it to him. He immediately approved and I started on the finished art in color, again on the digital program. The sketch to finished art took about three days. The result looked very much like an oil painting, but was much less expensive, and with a lot faster turnabout. The size was about 7.5" x 11.7" etc 300 dpi. I emailed a small sample so the client could tweak something should he wish to. Then I emailed the file in its original size through DropBox. As far as invoicing I usually receive half of my commission price before I start the work (usually via PayPal, check or credit card) and the balance on delivery of the finished art.

If you, the viewer, want to leave a comment or ask for more details about any of my art please do so on my CONTACT page ( I would be happy to hear from you. Thank you.

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