Did you ever get a prod in the gut some mornings to go back to sleep because otherwise slithery worms would be released through your phone directly into your exposed brain? THIS was such a morning.

I got a call from a gentleman shortly after getting up. I'm a portrait artist and he wanted a portrait. I got some detailed info about the work from him - along with photos that he emailed. I spent an hour putting together a proposal, including options like sizing, media, pricing, etc. I even centered one of the photos on a virtual format so he could see what it might look like as finished art. I laid it all out in a professional way in an email and sent it off to him. A couple of hours later he called back to bargain with me about the pricing. I fumed and refused to bargain. He hung up and moved on.

A little while later another gentleman (someone I'd chatted with a year ago about a project) rang. I immediately remembered him when he gave his name. Back then he had requested a portrait from life and wanted me to come to his home to do the work. Since the project had smelled slightly off to me I demurred. Now this same gentleman was back, and asking me to come to his home again - this time to discuss my creating a drawing from a dream he'd had. This was edging into the realm of The Twilight Zone complete with the creepy music theme. I pleaded coronavirus caution and suggested a zoom call. Apparently that option didn't suit and he hung up.

I guess when any Tom, Dick and Harry can wander on to your website, from time to time you've got to expect the unreasonable, even creepy...

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