The Eternal IMMORTAL

Here's an oft repeated phrase: "Nothing New Under the Sun". Yet folks still search endlessly for their own El Dorado in original self-branding. Because business colossi these days are unloading scores of employees at an alarming rate, the population of small business entrepreneurs is mushrooming. Many of those independents toiled for months, perhaps years, to build up their product. Most, at last, have everything in place to succeed - except for branding! Without stand-out feel-good branding that grabs the eyeballs and taps past them into the mind, their business falls into the category of "sand on the beach" or "one hand clapping". How can they induce an audience to tear their eyes away from the competition and focus on them? The answer (or at least one one of them) is to find a fine art and illustration professional who has years and the requisite knowledge in the advertising and branding world. That pro will know how to relate to their client, to ask the right questions in order to draw out their vision of their business. Then the artist can work with infinite patience to condense and incorporate all that info into a simple, unique and riveting brand!

What is an IMMORTAL? It is the simplest, purest form of logo art. Why is it called an IMMORTAL? That's because it's a virtual oil painting of the entrepreneur at their finest and most unique. While their head is in classical portrait mode, the body is caricature. That part shows what the client's pursuit or profession is all about. The portrait/caricature combination produces a charming, thought-provoking, very memorable brand that can be used

in print or online!

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