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IMMORTAL of Leigh. This entrepreneur, who represents health restoring and maintaining products, commissioned Dorit to create her IMMORTAL for her new business card and website upgrade. 

IMMORTALS Sample of Leigh

PriceFrom $800.00
  • The IMMORTAL is an outstandingly original way to brand the small business entrepreneur without them having to resort to an ad agency and spend endless amounts of money for a crew of photographers, logo designers, copywriters, etc. This piece of art will fill all needs for a fraction of the cost of the usual route. It can be used on business card, brochure, website, email signature, social media sites, and wherever they can be uploaded, since this is digital artwork. Although this is an incredibly economical way to self-advertise, the artist has now created the MIN-IMMORTAL, which will fit any budget!

  • The IMMORTAL is a digital painting that’s a marriage between a classical portrait and a caricature. The caricature part shows the entrepreneur’s profession or skill.  The portrait part is museum quality.  Not mistaking whose face that is!

    IMMORTAL: pricing without background $800.00
                   with background $900.00

    MIN-IMMORTAL: pricing without background $250.00
                    with background $300.00

    *Texas residents subject to Texas sales tax.

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