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framed pencil portrait sample by the artist of a family

"Dorit, here is a picture of your amazing talent after I had it framed.

My wife was moved to tears, and all that see it are awed with your talent

to capture all the children so perfectly. I cannot overstate my pleasure with your art."

Dorit Rabinovitch, the artist at studio, creates portraits in pencil of groups or individuals, whether whether family or friends. Her clients include beloved pets. All of Dorit's artwork is based on skillfully arranged photos. She uses the softest graphite pencil, using line only - no smudging with s finger.

Her paper brings out all the nuances of the pencil work. The result is a high quality, but reasonably priced gift that is accurate, masterful and tender. Dorit can also be contacted to create watercolorsoft pastel and oil painting portraiture.

I WILL Create Your Masterpiece!

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