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Dorit Rabinovitch of proudly introduces a very unique type of portraiture, made with pen & watercolor on quality watercolor paper.

Early 2019 she was hired by the owner of the Hotel Zaza chain to create 120 plus celebrity watercolor portraits, among them Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Serena Williams and Sir Paul McCartney, etc. for the newest Hotel ZaZa that opened September 2019 in Austin, Texas. All of them are on an 18"x24" format to best show off the intricate detail, texture and spontaneity of the artwork. These beautiful, museum quality paintings can be found hanging in 

all of the  ZaZa Austin guest floor hallways.

Dorit is ready to create your, and your loved one's treasured portrait as well. Whereas an oil painting will cost well into the 1000's of dollars, her watercolors cost only a fraction of that price. 

Please click on each icon to enlarge, and enjoy! 

"I WILL Create Your Masterpiece"

part of Hotel ZaZa Austin hallway showing the artist's paintings hanging

Detail from rows of the artist's pen and watercolor artwork hanging in the guest room hallways of Hotel ZaZa Austin. 

Featured are Chris Rock, Paris Hilton and Eddie Izzard.



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