Generic Biz Card vs WHOA!

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Which card has the better chance of being kept, and which the better chance of being tossed?

I'm an artist who specializes in branding individuals. My special "shtick" is promoting through portraiture. From my little metaphysical crow's nest way atop the mast of a ship sailing in a turbulent, rolling sea of wannabe advertisers and entrepreneurs I can spot a few who have managed to make themselves recognizable, and even vivid! The rest, as unique and compelling as their product may be, just melt into each other as part a brown and shapeless sludge of floating debris that very few potential customers are willing to take a detailed look at. I don't pretend to have all the answers. The road to the wild success and popularity of a brand is a complicated and many forked one; but surely the initial step might be the most impactful. That step is a business card. That's certainly true if the entrepreneur has just launched their career and product under no one else's banner but their own. Of course I don't refer to that mega business person who has thousands of dollars to hurl at the creatives of a big ad agency who will create all sorts of clever commercials and jingles to go on every 21st century platform available every hour on the hour for days and weeks right into every human brain's sweet spot. I'm referring to the "embryo", that little potential star out there still forming in the crowded cosmic "nursery". They have limited funds, and initially will have a local. range. They might find an outlet in business networking groups. Make no mistake - some of these groups are very powerful! They can contain resources in them that can launch a business owner/marketer to a dizzying level - if the required formula is met. Most of them are accessible for reasonable dues charges. They are potentially potent referral sources - if a new member can show something powerful representing their product that can be tucked away in a pocket or purse that will keep their name nudging the bearer after initial introduction. This is the first step - to stand out among one's peers - in the simplest, most economic way possible. The passionate entrepreneur should not set out on their path to success bland and timid, and ultimately forgettable.

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